Guangzhou LuZhou electrical equipment Co., LTD
Name:Guangzhou LuZhou electrical equipment Co., LTD
About Us
Guangzhou LuZhou electrical equipment Co., LTD. Was founded in 1995, is located in the beautiful high rao, developed economy of guangzhou panyu. The company's main products are heat equipment: automatic hot water boiler and steam boiler, heat conduction oil furnace, sandwich heating stirring pot, hot air stove, drying stove, drying case, electric oven, etc. Chemical machinery equipment: reaction kettle, stirred tank, dispersion machine, stirring cans, sanding machines, colloid mill, ball mill, kneading machine, mixer, high-speed mixer, rapid dispersion machine, emulsifying machine, emulsifying kettle, condenser, etc. Ten years LuZhou company committed to new energy, new heat equipment, new chemical equipment research and development, and has invested heavily in 2002, introduce the most advanced production equipment, high-tech and high comprehensive consummation company production equipment and technical strength, production processes fully automatic control, at present the company various aspects technology strength has reached domestic high-tech leading level. In the production of products which are well received by vast consumers and trust, best-selling products at home and abroad, with annual sales of around in the forefront of peer. Our company is special equipment association of guangdong province of guangdong province "special equipment member unit", Guangdong heat equipment member unit ", guangzhou government economic XieZuoHui "guangzhou government economic XieZuoHui member unit", "guangzhou government poverty alleviation supply cooperation unit" by guangdong province; boilers and pressure vessel monitoring monitoring qualified, issued "the atmospheric boiler inspection report" certificates; product by restful insurance company for the product liability insurance.
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