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Name:Guangzhou LuZhou electrical equipment Co., LTD
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Equipment: Hot water, steam (amphibious) hot water boiler
Equipment Type: Heat-Transfer Equipment -> Others
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-01-12
Main Features:
Description: Second-ranking QRL series atmospheric pressure hot water vapor (amphibious) hot water boiler QRL atmospheric heat (open) water furnace high thermal efficiency, fast heating, automation control, easy to operate, successive supply 30-100 ℃ of hot water. Widely used in hotels, hospitals, factories, colleges, chemical, leather, food, spray plating, construction and other industries. Burning fuels: fuel, gas, coal, wood, and electricity. A, hot water boiler characteristics and advantages Second-ranking high thermal efficiency, oil-saving throttle, save electricity Fully automatic machine operation, safe and reliable operation Second-ranking compact structure, small volume Determined to continuous supply temperature 20-120 ℃ Second-ranking has water flameout overtemperature boiler stop and various protecting functions
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